We all know the drill. Summer is fast approaching, your holiday is right around the corner and you’re still finishing off the last crumbs of those irresistible Lindt Easter eggs. How are we ever going to look like the beach babe Instagram star in less than 6 weeks? (sobbing into our chocolate eggs). 

Times have changed drastically over the last few years and looking flawless poolside for that perfect holiday snap has become a social media necessity. Yes, it’s quite unbelievable but so very true. However, are the only ways to achieve Instagram star quality with an unappetizing detox and meal plan of literally air? 100% not! The Digital Dose have compiled 8 of Instagram’s strongest, healthiest, and positive women, all there to help you get that little bit closer to achieving your dream body, the right way.

Get following ladies…

NATASHA OAKLEY @tashoakley

Life’s a beach for bikini babe Natasha Oakley. What started out as a small beachwear brand, with business partner and best friend Devin Brugman, lead to a beachwear and now activewear empire. With over 1.7 million Instagram followers, Oakley shares her healthy and happy ways to achieving the best version of you. 


HANNAH POLITES @hannahpolites

Aussie-born Hannah Polites has been documenting her health driven and active lifestyle since 2012. Now, at 1.2 million followers, Hannah shares everything from feel-good food recipes, exercise regimes, swimwear style tips, and enviable globe-trotting snaps.


STEPHANIE SMITH @stephclairesmith

If she’s not travelling the world as a full-time model, Melbourne-based Steph Smith is either on 10kmmorning runs, at body strengthening pilates or creating nutritious and body fuelling recipes for her and friend Laura Henshaw’s must-read cookbook @Keepitcleaner, which she shares with over 947k Instagram followers.


KAYLA ITSINES @kayla_itsines

Kayla Itsines has become the fitspiration for women all over the world with a whopping 4.8 million Instagram followers. Starting out as a personal trainer, Kayla shared her knowledge on getting clean and lean the right way with her clients and social media feeds. Now,  with a worldwide available app and hugely popular fitness e-book, girls from all parts of the globe sign up to transform their bodies in a hardcore 12-week challenge. 


Brooke Hogan @brookehogan1

Model, fitness junkie and clothing brand owner, Brooke Hogan shares her love for the outdoors with over 530k Instagram followers. You can see everything from behind the scenes at photo shoots, training sessions, hikes and pilates and days spent at the beach in the most beautiful of bikinis. Oh, and she also just landed her first Women’s Fitness Australia cover. 


Lydia Elise Millen @lydiaemillen

Straight out of the UK, fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Lydia Millen contunes to grow her social media presence with over 307k Instagram followers. Her pristine photographs, luxury wardrobe, must-watch YouTube channel and actively healthy lifestyle is hitting notes with fitness fans from all over the world. 


SJANA ELISE EARP @sjanaelise

With a staggering 1.2 million followers on Instagram, Sjana Earp has become a positive voice for all women, everywhere. Her Instagram, active YouTube channel and blog is dedicated to good energy, happiness and living a healthy lifestyle. You can follow Sjana on trips all over the world, discover yoga, and explore adrenaline pumping adventures. 


Jessica Olie @jessicaolie

Jessia Olie is an English-born, Dubai-based yoga teacher who feeds herself daily energy with her love for getting flexible. With over 166k Instagram followers, Jessica creates captivating images using her body strength and breathtaking backgrounds. Now, with her very own e-book she aims to help people find, practice and use yoga in the most positive of ways.


Photo: Instagram


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